Grüne Woche

Minister Schouten visits Green Mushroom Farm during Grüne Woche
Green Mushroom Farm also received minister Carola Schouten and her delegation at their stand on the Grüne Woche. Sami Bahtiri and Kees de Jong emphasized that mushrooms are the answer, in combination with other healthy products to preventively improve public health and the environment.
“With the artwork of Scelta / Jan Klerken in hand, we managed to catch the attention of the minister,” says Sami. The cohesion of animals with mushrooms appealed to the imagination of the delegation with the slogan. A better environment starts with “Circle of life”. Healthy food is the best medicine for a healthy body. This appearance was tangible and visible throughout the Holland Pavilion. Thanks to the perfect organization, our image to our biggest customer has been strengthened again.